Sawmill Schwaiger in Germany

The sawmill Schwaiger is one of the biggest sawmills in Germany. It has belonged to the same family for several generations. Each year, almost a million m³ are cut in this sawmill. Beside the sawmill there is a pallet workshop and a workshop for special wood used in the conception music instruments. Then, the instruments manufactured in this workshop are played in the most famous concert halls of the world.


Boiler plant in container 2x 2,5 MW and flue gas condensation

The ecology plays a dominant role in this company. That is why the conception of the energy process was studied into details in order to find a new source of renewable energy. Agro Forst und Energietechnik GmbH was in measure to convince with an exemplary solution in container consisting of 2 boiler plants with a power of 2 x 2,5 MW/th and a flue gas condition.

This new option is the expression of the innovation in our company.