The first AGRO installations for heat and electricity production were commissioned in 2006. We had thus trodden a new and constructive paths. Our solution approach was “robust fuel logistics, appropriate for every biomass fuel, not complicated in operation, reliable for the heat and electricity production, minor maintenance requirements in spite of strict environmental protection constraints”. The numerous installations that we have commissioned in the last years have proved us right.

 Just an example:

 We installed the first cogeneration installation in 2006 for the sawmill Aurnhammer in Eigenzell, Germany. In the meantime this installation of 2.5 MW/th and 0.5 MW/el produced about 22 million kWh of electricity in 60.000 operating hours. The time of execution of the yearly service was excluded and no time for an exceptional reparation was necessary.

 Installations with a similar power, operating for more than 5 years (for example in Rasen, Italy with 45.000 operating hours and 28 million kWh) also show the quality standard and the performance of our technology.




We placed our order in 2006 for the cogeneration system with a power of 2500 kW/th and 500 kW/el in the company Agro Forst und Energietechnik GmbH.

 Our choice was motivated by the sophisticated technology and the excellent service provided by this company.

 The functioning of the installation as well as the economic returns have not only met our expectations. They have gone beyond!