Farmer of the Year relies on AGRO

Tobias Ilg from Dornbirn - farmer of the year in the category energy industry and also overall winner of all categories – is strongly driving forward the renewable energies. The energy farmer produces 20 million kWh of heat from wood and 2 million kWh of heat from biogas. In addition, he generates green electricity. 200,000 kWh come from photovoltaics, 1.6 million kWh from biogas and 2 million kWh from the generation of wood gas. This saves 6 million kg of CO2 a year and saves 850,000 kg of CO2 a year.

On 25.10.2018 - after only a short period of intensive construction - he commissioned the new biomass heating plant. In doing so, Ilg relies on AGRO Forst & Energietechnik. Above all, the outstanding results of the AGRO Turbo Challengers® have convinced the energy farmer - especially the possibility to use difficult fuels, such as contaminated wood, green waste and unencumbered waste wood

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