Nahwärme Eibiswald – Investment with vision

The Nahwärme Eibiswald has been producing heat from wood for 28 years. The raw material for the heat production is wood in form of wood chips, which comes to 100 % from the Koralm region. Special attention is paid to the sustainable and careful management of the habitat forest.

We are particularly pleased that Nahwärme Eibiswald relies on the many years of experience of AGRO Forst & Energietechnik in the construction of the new biomass plants. The two boilers with 4,000 kW and 800 kW are to be installed at the beginning of June in combination with an AGRO flue gas condensation system.

With particular vision, the 800 kW biomass boiler system is already designed as a hot water boiler for operating temperatures up to 150° C, to allow the retrofitting of an absorption heat pump for additional efficiency increase.

More information on the efficiency increase with absorption heat pump can be found >> here.