Janssen / Netherlands

The poultry farmer Bart Janssen from the Dutch province of Drente produces 1.6 million poultries per year. The innovative company do not only want to produce efficiently but also sustainably. When raising the chicks, he relies on stress avoidance - the chicks that grow up at his farm also hatch on his farm. For this sensitive breeding a reliable, flexible heat supply is of particular importance. That is why they decided to use the plant technology of AGRO Forst & Energietechnik. Its stables are now heated with 1,500 kW of green, renewable energy from woodchips. Wood chips from the province of Drenthe and Groningen are used to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.


Bayonne / France

Bayonne - the cultural capital of the French Basque Country - has built a biomass heating plant, relying entirely on the advanced technology of AGRO Forst & Energietechnik.

The new biomass heating with a capacity of 5.3 MW / th. covers the heating and hot water needs of almost 10% of the population in Bayonne.

The wood used for heating comes from forests in the region, which are managed sustainably. Wood replaces natural gas. As a result, 3,900 tonnes less CO2 are released into the atmosphere each year.


The press article on the occasion of the inauguration of the heating plant in Bayonne can be found >> here.

Merry Christmas

The first Burkhardt pellet wood gasifiers are delivered and will be commissioned shortly

In Bad Bleiberg, a spa resort in Carinthia, the first two pellet wood gasifiers were supplied for the Bioenergie Bad Bleiberg by our cooperation partner Burkahardt GmbH. These two gasifiers will come into operation in November 2017. The heating plant is located at the sports field and already includes a 1.5 MW biomass boiler with buffer tank. To cover the base load, which is fed into the local heating network, the highly efficient combined heat and power plant based on Burkhardt pellet wood gasifiers has now been installed. The main customers are the companies in the spa area. Two wood gasifiers V 3.90 + CHP ECO 165 HG with a total output of 330 kW/el. and 520 kW/th. were installed.


A special feature, the by-product coke is burned with the woodchips in the biomass boiler.

The decision to install pellet wood gasifiers from Burkhardt is based on the production maturity of the plants, the high efficiency and the optimized operating and maintenance costs.

Cooperation with Burkhardt Energietechnik for pellet wood gasifiers

Wood gas - a forgotten fuel...

Burkhardt GmbH, founded in 1879 as a forge and expanded in 1978 in the fields of heating, ventilation and plumbing, has been researching in the field of renewable energies (wood gas and vegetable oil) since 2004. In 2010, this research activity led to the development of the Burkhardt wood gasifier using wood pellets.The Burkhardt wood gasifiers use the downdraft gasification method and a stationary fluidized bed to transform the fuel wood pellets into wood gas so it can be used in a specially adapted combined heat and power plant. AGRO is now an exclusive partner of Burkhardt Energietechnik in the field of wood gasifiers for Austria, France and the Baltic States.


More than 200 plants with more than 5 million total operating hours are already in operation.


More information about Burkhardt Energietechnik and the wood gasifiers can be found >>here.

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