Sawmill Schwaiger

After the sawmill Schwaiger has already put into operation two AGRO modular biomass boiler plants with a performance of 2 x 2,5 MW/th in 2014, we were also commissioned with the construction of a cogeneration with a performance of 14 MW/th and 2,5 MW/el.

Our Turbo Challenger with special thermal oil boiler and flue gas condensation has meanwhile proved to be a powerful and secure power plant for the production of heat- and electricity from renewable resources.


Weinfurtner - DAS GLASDORF

The Bavarian Forest—a beautiful holiday area—is managed very sustainably. For example, the resources of the fruit-bearing forest areas are used not only in the timber wood sector but also in the wood fuel sector. Beyond the plants of the Bayerischen Staatsforste for the towns of Waldmünchen and Bodenmais, the famous Spa Hotel "Bayerwaldhof" in Bad Kötzting and now also the GLASDORF of the family Weinfurtner in Arnbruck are supplied with heat by the technology of Agro Forst- & Energietechnik.

More details about the GLASDORF can be found>>here

GECO Vilnius

From the end of October 2015 Vilnius, the European Capital of Culture 2009, one of the oldest European university cities and the largest city of the Baltic states, will feed renewable and CO2-neutral heat into the district heating system using a AGRO biomass boiler plant with a power of  25 MW/th.

The most modern thermodynamic technology of the patented Turbo-Challenger with flue gas condensation enables the usage of local renewable resources like green waste, bark or other untreated wood fuels.

The project in Vilnius is one of several other projects in Lithuania.

The installation is in a final stage and will be ready at the end of October.

Boilerhouse in Limeil Brévannes

The town of Limeil-Brévannes was founded during the 13th century. It is located about 10 kms away from Paris. Therefore, it was essential to find a technology meeting the strict environmental requirements for the new residential area “ECO Quartier des Temps Durables“. After very detailed technical research and visits of AGRO references, it was decided in Limeil to acquire an installation from AGRO FORST UND ENERGIETECHNIK. Not only the AGRO technique is worth seeing but also the building, which is architecturally speaking very interesting.


                                                              Boiler AGRO 3 MW                                                                     The boiler house from the outside

Biomass boiler plant Kharovsk

The new AGRO installation 2 x 10 MW has met all expectations during an exceptionally hard winter. The first heating season 2014-2015 has shown the excellent quality of the AGRO boiler plant in the cold Russian winter. Despite the extreme fuel available, the AGRO boiler plant has delivered energy in a very reliable way. The AGRO biomass boiler plant is becoming a meeting point for the energy specialists of the whole Russian federation.


Agro biomass boiler plant 2x10 MW, Kharovsk, Vologda region