The new straw-fired district heating plant Gänserndorf of the regional energy supplier EVN was started up at the right time for the heating season 2013-2014.


 Straw storage

Gänserndorf is the newest straw-fired project of a range of several straw-fired heating plants, which we carried out in the last years for the regional local and district heating supply.


 Straw-fired boiler 4 MW

The heating plant shows extraordinary low emission rates, power station standards and is economically very impressive.



The straw-fired heating plant Gänserndorf has demonstrated that straw is as alternative fuel perfectly suitable, assumed that an adapted combustion technology is provided. The special combustion technique and fuel logistics have already proved very efficient in other straw-fired heating plants and were improved once more. Of course, our straw-fired heating plants also comply with the requirements of our customers like user-friendliness, reduced operating expenses, high availability and low emission rates.


Ciprijanovic d.o.o, Croatia

Croatia has been an official member of the EU since 01.07.2013.

Thanks to a long and friendly relationship with the Croatian forestry industry, our company enjoys an excellent collaboration with this sector.

That is why, we are particularly happy to officially start up on 05.07.2013, for the company Ciprijanovic d.o.o (33515 Orahovica), a modern 4 MW/th boiler plant, meeting all expectations in terms of technical innovations for the forestry industry.



Ciprijanovic d.o.o is a long-established company, equipped with the most modern production facilities. It is one of the leading Croatian companies, which managed to make an extroardinary name for itself on the European forestry industry market.

We are very glad that Ciprijanovic d.o.o also, decided to acquire a modern, highly-productive Agro Forst und Energietechnik installation.

We wish this company every success in the future !


4 MW/th with vertical heat-exchanger

A new AGRO patent: measurement of fuel humidity

After a long and meticulous period of test, our new measurement of fuel humidity proved itself very efficient. Thanks to the permanent measurement, the fuel humidity is always known. Therefore, the control of the fuel process is always accurate and easier.


The regulation of other parameters that are directly linked with the measured humidity are also optimized:

  • Proportioning the fuel
  • Proportioning the primary air
  • Recirculation
  • Temperature of the primary air through the air pre-heater (in case there is one).

Our measurement of fuel humidity was created in such a way that it can be added to an AGRO installation after its montage. If you are interested, we remain at your disposal to make you an offer for our new system.

Trade fair Ligna 2013

Every other year, the worldwide wood industry gets together at the Ligna in Hanover. Of course, we also presented our products on this trade fair.



On top of greeting new contacts and long-known customers, we had the opportunity to inform our visitors about our latest technical evolutions. The further development of our Turbo Challenger(R)  caught a lot of attention, thanks to its amazing parameters and its functioning with very difficult fuel. Our Turbo Dust Cleaner(R) also raised enthusiasm.

Max Bögl – AGRO Dust Cleaner Steamboiler

Max Bögl, one of the biggest family-owned German businesses in the field of construction is also engaged in alternative energy production. Its headquarters are located in Neumarkt / Pfalz. This company produces, among other goods, the base frame for wind turbines in ready mixed concrete. A team of specialized experts is in charge of solving technical problems. A solution for the process heat on the manufacturing plant was needed. On the one hand, this process heat had to be on the basis of renewable energies and on the other hand, it had to be convenient, at a low price and very reliant. The AGRO Turbo Dust Cleaner with a steam installation (30 bar/12 to/h) was technically so convincing that Bögl decided to acquire this AGRO installation.