The AGRO Efficiency Booster enables the optimum combustion control with the best possible efficiency for a wide range of fuels and power outputs (W 15 – 55 %; P 20 – 100 %).

The permanent fuel monitoring provides the current fuel data for the control system in advance, whereby the combustion process is predictably controlled with varying fuel assortments.

Due to the process control with ideal fuel dosing and optimum O2 content in the primary recirculation as well as secondary recirculation, the thermal exploitation of different, even very demanding fuels, such as waste wood A1 and A2, is possible with the highest efficiency across the entire fuel and power spectrum.

The predictive process control guarantees:

  • Low carbon and NOx emissions
  • Best possible efficiency in the boiler area
  • Highest efficiency for the operation of flue gas condensation
  • Minimised wear/abrasion
  • Low operating costs
  • Maximum availability

Our AGRO Efficiency Booster has been designed so that it can also be upgraded in the course of a control system update on our existing systems and also on those of other manufacturers.

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