Turbo Dust Cleaner

New: From Turbo-Challenger to Turbo-Dust-Cleaner

Our Turbo-Challenger has proven its outstanding qualities in the most diverse of application purposes. Through the combination of hydraulic feed grate burning with cyclonic fluidised-bed combustion, thermal utilisation of demanding fuels like green waste, forest residue, contaminated bark, etc. is possible without any difficulty. These likewise economically-convincing characteristics can also be demonstrated in systems installed all over Europe.

Through special design features in the combustion chamber, the Turbo-Dust-Cleaner is capable already in the hot gas path of cleansing the flue gas of dust. Thus, the following properties important for the operation of a biomass heating system are achieved:

  • The flue gases leading from the combustion chamber of the boiler plant, which are very abrasive, are exposed to purified flue gases. Thus, such components as the boiler ducts and other parts are subjected to significantly less wear and tear.
  • Contamination of the heat exchanger decreases considerably. Therefore the period of time between cleaning increases, and additionally the boiler plant's energy supply increases.
  • Fly ash circulating in the hot area of the boiler plant is led through the system and added to the bottom ash. By means of the proportion of filter ash to bottom ash, which can reach 1:10, considerable waste disposal costs can be saved. The isolated ash in the hot area of the Turbo-Dust-Cleaners is freed from heavy metals, delivered to the bottom ash, and can affordably be disposed of.

The New Turbo-Dust-Cleaner:

     even more efficient – even more versatile – even more cost-effective