Flue Gas Cleaning

Flue gas cleaning is carried out by an electric filter system. An electric filter system is an electrical system for capturing solid airborne particles from the gas flow using the force of an electrical field.

Here the attracting property of electrical forces is utilised on electrically charged particles.

Because this principle is effective even on very fine particles, electrical precipitators are some of the highest-performing de-dusters, with a separation efficiency of up to 99%.

They are preferred for the cleaning of large amounts of gas at high temperatures, and boasts comparatively low energy consumption. 

An electric filter system is generally composed of the following equipment:

• Voltage conversion system with

     - Low voltage component with mechanisms for turning the system on and off and for adjusting, regulating, controlling, restricting and monitoring electrical current and voltage (control panel).

     - High voltage component with mechanisms for converting voltage (transformer, rectifier, rectifier unit). 

• High voltage lead (isolators and rigid conductors)

• Electrical filter

Multiples of any of the above-named parts are possible in any given electrical filter system.