JOWA – Enjoyment with a clear conscience

For more than 80 years, the name JOWA has stood for diversity, enjoyment and reliability. JOWA bread comes every day fresh to every third table in Switzerland. And that is not without reason: At JOWA it is baked with passion and pride.

As the leading bakery in Switzerland JOWA, a subsidiary of Migros, is investing in a sustainable and future-oriented energy supply. After a smooth construction period of only eight months, JOWA is commissioning the new wood-fired heating plant with AGRO Turbo Challenger and AGRO thermal oil boiler in Gränichen. JOWA saves 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the average energy consumption of 566 four-person households per year - according to the sustainability motto "Enjoyment with a clear conscience".

The wood heating system ensures the continuous heat supply and covers 60 percent of the energy demand of the entire bakery in Gränichen. Natural gas is still used for the energy peaks. The wood used for the heating system comes from sustainably managed forests from the region. Heating with wood is CO2-neutral. The burning of wood releases the same amount of CO2 as the trees remove from the atmosphere during their growth.

AGRO Turbo Challenger   3.000 tonnes of COrelief per year