Different fuels with a strongly varying water content and an always optimal combustion process - dream?

No more - with the use of the AGRO fuel moisture measurement, this can be easily put into practice. AGRO's patented system, combined with primary air recirculation, has been proven its worth under practical conditions over the last four heating seasons, especially when burning inhomogeneous fuel with very different moisture content. The system detects the water content of the fuel and regulates the required stoichiometry of the combustion process, depending on the instantaneous power required. Dosing fuel, combustion air and recirculation are optimized in every operating state. With the possible substoichiometric operation in the primary combustion zone, the Low-NOx effect is fully exploited. The highest possible efficiency paired with measurable very low system wear and very good emission values can thus be ensured. Especially the operating comfort has been significantly improved with this technology.

To summarize, by storing sophisticated algorithms for each power range, depending on the water content in the fuel, the following operations are optimized:

Our fuel moisture measurement has been designed in such a way that it can also be upgraded at our existing plants or plants from other manufacturers as part of a control update.

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