Denmark – advanced and forward-looking renewable energy policy

For more than 10 years, Denmark has shown that condensing boiler technology in the field of biomass is not an utopian dream but can be lived under practical conditions.

In implementing the district heating project for the Danish port of Horsens, we were able to implement this concept together with the experience of the district heating operator. With the total installation of 2 x 13.5 MW hot water boiler systems plus 2 x a two-stage flue gas condensation with absorption heat pump and the special combustion technology of the AGRO Turbo Challengers®, as well as the control of the entire system – with an efficiency of up to 127 % (using fuel with 60 % water content) and a flue gas temperature of 20 ° C – the plant has become one of the most energy efficient facilities in Europe.

The special feature of this technology is that it is also possible to use for smaller plants and above all for plants in our latitudes. This significantly increases the efficiency of the system. The only requirement is the installation of a hot water boiler with a flow temperature of 150-160° C and an absorption heat pump. Thus, the highly efficient operation of a flue gas condensation is possible even at higher return temperatures.

2 x 13,5 MW hot water boiler system with two-stage flue gas condensation with absoption heat pump

 Fjernvarme Horsens