Condensing technology with AGRO flue gas condensation

The two AGRO biomass boilers (4,000 kW and 800 kW - see also our news entry from March 2019) including flue gas condensation of the Nähwärme Eibiswald have been in operation since the end of January. Already in the first months of operation the performance parameters of the flue gas condensation are particularly remarkable. The sophisticated technology of AGRO flue gas condensation allows the plant to be operated without thermal losses - at a return temperature of 45° C the flue gas is discharged via the stack at a temperature of 46° C. At a water content of 40%, this achieves an efficiency of over 110%. By using this special technology, it is possible to operate a wood-fired combined heat plant with condensing technology. Especially the high efficiency of the plant allows to further optimize the CO2 reduction.

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