Modular pellet plant in Söderhamn, Sweden

In Söderhamn, Sweden, a modular pellet plant was installed for the pellet producer Fuelwood. Thanks to the AGRO containerised plant, the plant is much more compact and flexible compared to conventional pellet production plants. The 3 MW AGRO hot water boiler has been commissioned in July. The new plant will produce around 70,000 tonnes of pellets annually.


Process heat for the pharmaceutical industry with the AGRO Efficiency Booster

We are particularly pleased that a well-known pharmaceutical group relies on AGRO Forst & Energietechnik to generate process heat. The process steam is generated with an AGRO steam boiler plant with 5 t/h and 19.5 bar.

 The ultra-modern steam plant is equipped with the AGRO Efficiency Booster. The AGRO Efficiency Booster enables optimum combustion control with the best possible efficiency for a wide range of fuels and outputs (W 15 - 55 %; P 20 - 100 %).

Permanent fuel monitoring provides the control system with the current fuel data in advance, which means that the combustion process can be predicted and controlled for varying fuel ranges.

Due to the process control with ideal fuel dosage, optimum O2 content in the primary recirculation as well as secondary recirculation, the thermal utilisation of different, even very demanding fuels, such as waste wood A1 and A2, is possible with highest efficiency across the entire fuel and power spectrum. 

The predictive process control guarantees:

  •  Low carbon and low NOx emissions
  • Best possible efficiency in the boiler area
  • Highest efficiency for the operation of flue gas condensation
  • Minimised wear and tear
  • Low operating costs
  • Maximum availability

Our AGRO Efficiency Booster has been designed so that it can also be upgraded in the course of a control system update on our existing systems and also on those of other manufacturers.

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Experience the Saue boiler house!

You can control your personal tour trough the boiler house of Saue. Zoom up close!>> here

Stadtwerke Weil am Rhein - Switching to a CO2 neutral energy supply


Stadtwerke Weil am Rhein, located at the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France, is facing one of the most important key tasks of our time, the changeover to a CO2-free energy supply. They are relying on the innovative technology of AGRO Forst & Energietechnik in converting their combined heat and power plant. The combustion plant (heat output: 1,250 kW) including AGRO flue gas condensation (heat output 300 kW) is heated with residual wood such as branches, tops and damaged wood from the regional forestry, which cannot be used in the sawmill. We are very pleased that we are able to support the city of Weil am Rhein in making its contribution to climate protection. 

Further information can be found in the brochure published by the city of Weil am Rhein:



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