Combination Efficiency Booster and AGRO CHP

Combined with our Efficiency Booster, we have succeeded in optimising our AGRO CHP system with steam turbine or our specially designed AGRO ORC system in such a way that the highest efficiencies can be achieved across the entire fuel and power spectrum.

Industrial pellet boiler plant for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz decided to switch their engine production lines in Jawor, Poland, completely to a CO2 neutral energy supply. Based on the motto "The best or nothing", we are very glad to share our contribution to an emission-free vehicle production. Two industrial pellet boiler systems 1,5 MW and 5 MW equipped with our AGRO Turbo-Challenger® and Efficiency Booster were put into operation this week.

Ziegler Group builds 200.000 t pellet production

The Ziegler Group is building a pellet plant at Pressath, Germany, which will be the largest plant of its kind in Europe to date with an initial capacity of around 200,000 t/year. For the heat supply, Ziegler is again relying on the modular container system from AGRO Forst & Energietechnik. Two AGRO container solutions will be used, each with a rated thermal output of 6 MW and a flow temperature of 130° C.


Hermes Schleifmittel relies on biomass

The mountain health resort Bad Sankt Leonhard in the upper Lavanttal at the foot of the Packalpe, north of Wolfsberg, is characterized by wonderful fresh air - and it gets even better. This is because Hermes Schleifmittel is switching to biomass at its Austrian production site, thereby saving 80 percent of its CO2 emissions in the future. A state-of-the-art biomass plant and a regenerative post-combustion plant for exhaust air purification will be built to generate the required process heat. We are particularly pleased that Hermes relies on the proven and innovative technology from AGRO. The AGRO Efficiency Booster should of course not be missing when equipping the AGRO thermal oil boiler system.

Modular pellet plant in Söderhamn, Sweden

In Söderhamn, Sweden, a modular pellet plant was installed for the pellet producer Fuelwood. Thanks to the AGRO containerised plant, the plant is much more compact and flexible compared to conventional pellet production plants. The 3 MW AGRO hot water boiler has been commissioned in July. The new plant will produce around 70,000 tonnes of pellets annually.