Salon Bois Energie Rennes / France

The annual trade fair for energy production from renewable raw materials, which takes place in different locations in France, was once again visited by numerous interested parties and customers of our company. The French media were also very interested in the solutions which we presented for the energy generation from renewable raw materials.

Picture on the right: Sales Director J.M. Plank giving an interview to a french TV channel

BAG Ölmühle

BAG Ölmühle BetriebsgmbH was the first oil mill in Austria to convert its production using extraction methods to GMO-free soybeans of European origin . The background to this decision was the still strong desire for an import-independent, European protein supply to ensure a GMO-free food and feed production.


In the course of the change, a conversion from heating oil to wood chips was also carried out. Steam and hot water are no longer produced by heating oil but with an AGRO steam boiler system with 2.7 t / h, 10 bar.

Farmer of the Year relies on AGRO

Tobias Ilg from Dornbirn - farmer of the year in the category energy industry and also overall winner of all categories – is strongly driving forward the renewable energies. The energy farmer produces 20 million kWh of heat from wood and 2 million kWh of heat from biogas. In addition, he generates green electricity. 200,000 kWh come from photovoltaics, 1.6 million kWh from biogas and 2 million kWh from the generation of wood gas. This saves 6 million kg of CO2 a year and saves 850,000 kg of CO2 a year.

On 25.10.2018 - after only a short period of intensive construction - he commissioned the new biomass heating plant. In doing so, Ilg relies on AGRO Forst & Energietechnik. Above all, the outstanding results of the AGRO Turbo Challengers® have convinced the energy farmer - especially the possibility to use difficult fuels, such as contaminated wood, green waste and unencumbered waste wood

Opening Ceremony BioEnergie Pischelsdorf

At the beginning of September, the heating plant in Pischelsdorf was officially opened. The heating plant has been in operation since autumn 2017 (see our news entry from September 2017). The plant is heated with woodchips exclusively coming from the region. The heat requirement is covered by 2 AGRO biomass boiler plants with a heat output of 2,500 kW and 800 kW. The CO2 savings per year is about 3,500 tons.

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Summerevent 2018

Normally, August is holiday period. But not for us! Many of our customers have annual holidays and overhaul and repair their equipment. All our specialists are required to do the annual service, to check emissions and bring the electronics up to date in order to avoid downtimes during the upcoming production period. Simultaneously, the installation and commissioning of new district heating plants are to be prepared. So absolute high season, extreme concentration and tension to all the employees is announced. Neverthereless, the culinary well-being should not be forgotten, therefore we have celebrated our annual summer party in the beginning of August. Unfortunately, not all our employees were able to come from our various European construction sites to the summer event.