International wood fair 2018, Klagenfurt, Austria

Every 2 years, more than 500 exhibitors from 22 nations meet in Klagenfurt  at the international wood fair to present their products and innovations.

AGRO Forst & Energietechnik will also be there together with Burkhardt GmbH. You will find us in Hall 01 at booth E01. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

 All information concerning the event can be found>>here.

A glance at the Croatian wood and sawmill industry

With the timber and forestry industry of Croatia, our company combines a long-standing, friendly cooperation. Well-known wood-processing and wood-working companies as well as forestry companies are among our customers.

Spin Valis Internacional d.o.o, a traditional Croatian company focusing on the production of high-quality furniture made of solid wood, draws a positive interim balance after a four-year operating experience with an AGRO combined heat and power plant.

Ciprijanovic d.o.o, founded in 1989 in Orhovica, also one of the most technologically advanced furniture manufacturers in Croatia operates tow AGRO boiler plants.. After the AGRO biomass combustion system installed in 2013, Ciprijanovic d.o.o again opted for an AGRO boiler system in 2017.

The STIMAC d.o.o. has been heated by an AGRO biomass boiler plant since 2012.

Kula Promet d.o.o. with Drvo Samaržija d.o.o. is currently installing a 4000 kW AGRO feed grate firing system.

Richard Stückler - a specialist in the field of mobile concrete - is investing in pellet production in Croatia. The heating will be provided by an 5 MW AGRO biomass plant. The system is scheduled to be delivered very shortly. 

Burkhardt wood gasifier conquer the Austrian market

Burkhardt gasifying technology is unstoppable entering the Austrian market. The philosophy of the Burkhardt technology, that the professional fuel treatment is left to the industry (pellet production) is increasingly accepted. The use of pellets results in plants, that easily exceed the guaranteed full operating hours of 7,500 h / year without essential supervision.


3 Burkhardt wood gasifiers with a total output of 495 kW/el and 780 kW/th went into operation at Nahwärme Liesingtal in St. Michael near Leoben.

Europe’s largest sawmill relies on AGRO

Europe's largest sawmill can be found in the heart of Europe: Holzindustrie Ziegler in Plößberg. The company, founded in 1948 and since then managed as a family business, cuts almost 1.8 million cubic meters of wood every year – rising tendency. The Ziegler Group with more than 700 employees operates not only in the timber industry, but also in the logistic and forestry sector. Ziegler Ambiente also emphasizes the production and sale of deco materials of all kinds.


Sustainability plays a particularly important role in the family business: "Everyone talks about sustainability. We put it into practice". For that reason, when planning the entire energy concept of the company, it has been very critical searched for an additional source of energy from renewable raw materials. We were involved in this process and could convince with our long-standing experience. The result is an exemplary container solution from AGRO with a 5 MW biomass boiler system, which has already proven its worth under practical conditions.


More information about the AGRO container solution can be found >>here

Different fuels with a strongly varying water content and an always optimal combustion process - dream?

No more - with the use of the AGRO fuel moisture measurement, this can be easily put into practice. AGRO's patented system, combined with primary air recirculation, has been proven its worth under practical conditions over the last four heating seasons, especially when burning inhomogeneous fuel with very different moisture content. The system detects the water content of the fuel and regulates the required stoichiometry of the combustion process, depending on the instantaneous power required. Dosing fuel, combustion air and recirculation are optimized in every operating state. With the possible substoichiometric operation in the primary combustion zone, the Low-NOx effect is fully exploited. The highest possible efficiency paired with measurable very low system wear and very good emission values can thus be ensured. Especially the operating comfort has been significantly improved with this technology.

To summarize, by storing sophisticated algorithms for each power range, depending on the water content in the fuel, the following operations are optimized:

  • Dosing of fuel quantity
  • Dosing primary air
  • Recirculation
  • Temperature of the primary air via the air preheater (if existing)
  • Grate management

Our fuel moisture measurement has been designed in such a way that it can also be upgraded at our existing plants or plants from other manufacturers as part of a control update.

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