Fromageries Bel /France – Steam boiler 10 t/h 19 bar

The Bel Group was founded in 1865 and is with 380 sold portions of cheese per second one of the leading producers of semi-hard, soft and cream cheese. Beyond its mission of sharing smiles through unique experiences of dairy goodness the group has set ambitious targets for reducing the environmental footprint of all their activities.

To achieve the latter Bel increasingly focuses on the usage of renewable energies and AGRO Forst- & Energietechnik is pleased to support the Bel Group with its know-how. Especially, the search for systems with the best available environmental technology led to choice of AGRO Forst- & Energietechnik --- our specific process control of the combustion and our highly sophisticated energy management ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Finally, on your next transatlantic flight you may be also thinking of us once you find the little red Bel cheese on your tablet.

Experience Report: Fuel Moisture Measurement

Our experience during the last two heating seasons has shown that the usage of the AGRO Fuel Moisture Measurement is technically as well as economically rewarding. More importantly, we were able to use this valuable experience to develop further our feedback control system.

The patented system of AGRO combined with a primary air recirculation has proven itself in practice especially during the combustion of inhomogeneous fuel with very different moisture content. The system detects automatically the moisture content of the fuel and regulates the required stoichiometry of the combustion process depending on the currently required power. Dosing fuel, combustion air and recirculation are optimized in every operating state. Thus, maximum efficiency paired with a detectable very low system wear is ensured. Especially the operating comfort has been substantially improved by our technology.

Our fuel moisture measurement has been designed in such a way that it can also be upgraded at our existing plants or plants from other manufacturers as part of a control update. Interested? - Contact us!

600 kW biomass boiler plant for the Bayerwaldhof in Bad Kötzting

The wellness resort Bayerwaldhof – situated in the Bavarian Forest – is not only known for its high comfort but also for its innovations in the field of horse keeping. Now, the family-run hotel has shifted its energy supply to renewable energy in order to bring the Bayerwaldhof one step further towards energy self-sufficiency.

Interfa - 1200 kW underfeed furnace

Company Interfa belonging to Himolla, which is a famous upholstery manufacturer, has made a further investment and decided to acquire an installation of AGRO Forst & Energietechnik. Together with our Hungarian partner Technitrade, DI Laszlo Veress sen and jun., we were able to convince company Interfa to go for a 1200 kW AGRO underfeed furnace.

Sawmill Schwaiger

After the sawmill Schwaiger has already put into operation two AGRO modular biomass boiler plants with a performance of 2 x 2,5 MW/th in 2014, we were also commissioned with the construction of a cogeneration with a performance of 14 MW/th and 2,5 MW/el.

Our Turbo Challenger with special thermal oil boiler and flue gas condensation has meanwhile proved to be a powerful and secure power plant for the production of heat- and electricity from renewable resources.