Max Bögl – AGRO Dust Cleaner Steamboiler

Max Bögl, one of the biggest family-owned German businesses in the field of construction is also engaged in alternative energy production. Its headquarters are located in Neumarkt / Pfalz. This company produces, among other goods, the base frame for wind turbines in ready mixed concrete. A team of specialized experts is in charge of solving technical problems. A solution for the process heat on the manufacturing plant was needed. On the one hand, this process heat had to be on the basis of renewable energies and on the other hand, it had to be convenient, at a low price and very reliant. The AGRO Turbo Dust Cleaner with a steam installation (30 bar/12 to/h) was technically so convincing that Bögl decided to acquire this AGRO installation.


Turbo Dust Cleaner

Specialized professionals and medias are paying more and more attention to the outstanding features of our Turbo Challenger and Turbo Dust Cleaner.  Here is an excerpt from an article about Juwi AG, one of the biggest German providers for alternative energie contracting. We did not want to deprive our potential customers of this information:

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Ochsenhausen, Germany now has an AGRO installation.

Ochsenhausen is an idyllic Bavarian little town of almost 9.000 inhabitants. The well-preserved old-town offers many sites of interest: the old abbey, the town hall (built in 1606), the restaurant "Gasthof zum Post" dating back to 1650. They all remind which traditions and values belong to this region.

The decision was obvious for AGRO to provide the biomass heating installation. Indeed, our philosophy is to ally the most modern techniques with a lifelong lasting installation. We work for fewer emissions in the atmosphere and for the best quality. Quality and the most modern technique are no contradiction for AGRO. In every place, where sensitivity of the region and environmental techniques have to be put together, AGRO is wanted. Our installations in Berchtesgaden, Germany; in Rasen, Austria; in Bodenmais, Germany; in the public services of Kehlheim, Germany and in the town of Ludwigsburg, Germany are relevant examples.


The small county capital, surrounded with forests and mountain lakes, is famous for its air and water quality. It is known as excellent quite tourist site. The new district heat supply has been adapted to this mentality and supplies with eco-friendly energies parts of the town Murau as well as the hospital "Stolzalpe", worldwide renowned for orthopaedics and for the recovery of elite athletes.

6 MW 140°C Hot water installation

The boiler house which is perfectly adapted to the landscape is equipped with a 6 MW 140°C Hot water installation type AFT. A high security of energy supply, the most strict regulation concerning emissions and excellent value in terms of business-management were parts of the demands that AGRO FORST & ENERGIETECHNIK had to fulfil in order to obtain this project.