Sawmill Schwaiger in Germany

The sawmill Schwaiger is one of the biggest sawmills in Germany. It has belonged to the same family for several generations. Each year, almost a million m³ are cut in this sawmill. Beside the sawmill there is a pallet workshop and a workshop for special wood used in the conception music instruments. Then, the instruments manufactured in this workshop are played in the most famous concert halls of the world.


Boiler plant in container 2x 2,5 MW and flue gas condensation

The ecology plays a dominant role in this company. That is why the conception of the energy process was studied into details in order to find a new source of renewable energy. Agro Forst und Energietechnik GmbH was in measure to convince with an exemplary solution in container consisting of 2 boiler plants with a power of 2 x 2,5 MW/th and a flue gas condition.

This new option is the expression of the innovation in our company.

An AGRO FORST und ENERGIETECHNIK boiler plant in Lienz

The municipal energy supplier « Stadtwärme Lienz » has been involved for more than 10 years in the sector of energy production from renewable resources. Not only warmth but also electricity is produced. A 8 MW/th boiler had to be exchanded during the modernisation of the installation.

 The « Stadtwärme Lienz » has an extraordinary knowledge and a long experience in the energy production from biomass. That is why, the new biomass boiler plant was chosen under very strict criteria and after weighing up all the pros and cons. Thus one of the most modern and most powerful boiler was acquired.



Stadtwärme Lienz is now heating with an AGRO boiler


We thank the „Stadtwärme Lienz” for their choice and wish them a lot of success with the new excellent firing technique !

Biomass Cogeneration Welsberg, South Tyrol

Energy supply from renewable resources has already a long tradition in the Pulster valley. The first biomass heating plants were created in the last century. Due to this long experience, heating cooperatives have been developed and have gained extraordinary deep technical knowledge.

 Due to the especially detailed knowledge of the market concerning power, high technical standard and economical advantages, and after the comparison of all technical possibilities, the acquisition of an AGRO FORST UND ENERGIETECHNIK cogeneration plant was decided.

 Another reason for the acquisition of this cogeneration is certainly also the qualified and reliable service, for which AGRO FORST UND ENERGIETECHNIK is well-known.

Heating plant 5 MW/th

 A 5 MW/th biomass boiler with Turbo Challenger® supplies the town with heat. A 1 MW/el ORC installation has already produced more than 2.000.000 kWh electricity after only 10 months in operation.

Company MaltEurop

MaltEurop is an international trust with sites of production all over the world. MaltEurop produces malt for the brewing industry. From the production site Vitry le François, the breweries of France and Germany are supplied with malt.



Flue gas condensation


The energy-intensive production in due consideration of ecological and economical aspects, made an energy strategy necessary, this was realized with a high-efficient AGRO heating plant. A 8 MW /th. Biomass installation with flue gas condensation made the objectives possible.



MaltEurop Production site in Vitry, France


The residues of the malt production and waste wood are used as fuel for a high efficient and economical energy supply, which also complies with the modern emission regulations.





The new straw-fired district heating plant Gänserndorf of the regional energy supplier EVN was started up at the right time for the heating season 2013-2014.


 Straw storage

Gänserndorf is the newest straw-fired project of a range of several straw-fired heating plants, which we carried out in the last years for the regional local and district heating supply.


 Straw-fired boiler 4 MW

The heating plant shows extraordinary low emission rates, power station standards and is economically very impressive.



The straw-fired heating plant Gänserndorf has demonstrated that straw is as alternative fuel perfectly suitable, assumed that an adapted combustion technology is provided. The special combustion technique and fuel logistics have already proved very efficient in other straw-fired heating plants and were improved once more. Of course, our straw-fired heating plants also comply with the requirements of our customers like user-friendliness, reduced operating expenses, high availability and low emission rates.