Thermic use of agricultural biomass

Our engineers are not only concerned with the development of excellent installations for the thermic use of wood; they also conceive and build powerful installations which work with straw. The basic condition for the creation of an installation is the exact analysis of straw, as well as a research on the straw-harvesting system in the region. The demanding technique of energy production from straw was successfully realized thanks to a long experience and to our specialists' clever ideas.

Straw heating plant 4 MW/th in Burgenland region, Austria

Thanks to the technical preparation and completion, the AGRO straw heating plants are outstanding in terms of emission rates as well as in terms of reliability and performance. Please ask us for our reference list.

St.Kanzian/Klopeiner See

We are always particularly happy to communicate on smaller, regional projects, which use renewable resources for their energy production. Decentralized energy production using as much as possible the local resources and adding value to the region. Here is a nice example close to us:

St.Kanzian/Kärnten, located near the lake Klopeiner, is a wonderful independent tourist resort with a great golf court. Pure nature, a lovely alpine landscape and an excellent regional cooking distinguish this tourist jewel. "Class rather than mass" is the successful receipt for this region.

Central heating in St.Kanzian/Kärnten

Here again, we were able to convince with our technique. Despite the local competitors, St Kanzian decided to acquire a 900 kW/th Biomass central heating from AGRO FORST.

AGRO - New Address

We moved to our new building at the beginning of September 2011. Our new address is Industriestrasse 1 in St Paul. The building is modern and offers ergonomic comfort. The building surface is over 1.500 m² and the ground's surface is over 10.000 m². We remain at your service near our production facilities.

You are very welcome to stop by, if your travels lead you to our sunny region.

Heating plant Biella am Netz

Biella, Italy: a town of 45.000 inhabitants, was already famous in the Antiquity. Biella is located in the Piemont region and is surrounded with the Alps and the frontier with Switzerland and France.

A boiler house in the style of the region

The boiler house was adapted to the regional architecture and only experts could tell it is a biomass energy-installation. Because of the very demanding fuel, technical choices were made: a Turbo Challenger 15 MW/th was installed as well as a high pressure steam boiler and a 3 MW/el steam turbine.
Impressive results for the installation: very low emission rates, a power reserve higher than initially planned and an installation running smoothly.

15 MW/th Turbo-Challenger


Trade Fair LIGNA 2011

We received many visits, not only from Austria but also from abroad on the trade fair Ligna 2011. Very interested people from more than 23 countries in the world wanted to be informed about energy production with renewable resources. Our stand was the meeting point for the professionals in this field, who all confirmed the extraordinary advantage of the Turbo Challenger technology.

Beside the Turbo Challenger technology, our charming hostesses Inga and Eva were another reason for our stand to be so busy.

In the evening, we ended up the day in a lovely ambiance on the coast with our representatives from all Europe, North America and China.